Should the Capital City of Indonesia: Jakarta be Moved?

When we talk about Jakarta as the capital city, actually it was chosen spontaneously because Jakarta was the trade center area during colonization. It was a port of call for the merchants from all over the world, also a temporary station for the spices from Maluku before they were carried to Europe, and that is all the consideration about. It was a rainy day where a quick decision needed to be taken and Jakarta was the best candidate at that moment.


Now, after sixty-eight years, by taking a look to this capital city, a bit longer and closer than usual, isn’t it become clearer that Jakarta is a failed option, and Indonesia still has other city to choose rather than Jakarta?

Let us think about it. Indonesia as a big archipelago country can’t have a capital city which is also a place to live by 10 billion people, located too far to the west part which is beyond the reach of someMasalahJakarta Indonesian people, susceptible to floods, suffered from very bad traffic jam, overpopulation, pollutions, criminality and corruption, like Jakarta. I think there are just too much here in Jakarta, the whole central government and every big companies and industries, with proletar and the masses fill every gaps and spaces. This dying city is no longer a place to be the capital of Indonesia, it should be moved.

Well, we need a kind of capital city which is at least not a center of everything. Let see some precedents: Netherlands has Amsterdam as the capital city but The Hague is where the seat of government and embassies are; The City of Manila is the capital city of Philippines, but Metro Manila is the seat of government; and in Benin, Porto-Novo is the capital city, but Contonou is the seat of government.pindah-rumah-272x300

In my opinion, it will be better if we follow their track. Therefore, let us make no change to Jakarta but let it be a city of economy and business, while we look for a new one as the capital city of Indonesia where all the central government will be located.