Who and Where am I?

Just type “flaurndhia” to find me on social media worlds. That’s not my real name actually, not exactly “flaurndhia” but a different one using the same alphabets placed more orderly.

These following are my other houses located in different kind of neighborhood:

[Hometown of Mine](http://example.com "Title")
[link](http://example.com "Title")
[link](http://example.com "Title")
[link](http://example.com "Title")

I have mail boxes in front of all my houses but this is the center mail box, delivery process will be better here:


I’ll be glad too if anyone want to send me any letters as pen pal. This is where your mails should be addressed to:

Dila Nur Fadilah
Jl. Karet Pasar Baru Barat 1
RT.001/RW.006 – No.31
Karet Tengsin – Tn. AbangJakarta Pusat 10220

That’s all about who and where I am. If you have more questions, please just leave a message into one of my mailboxes in the houses.



Nur Fadilah a.k.a Dila Flaurndhia


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