Should the Capital City of Indonesia: Jakarta be Moved?

When we talk about Jakarta as the capital city, actually it was chosen spontaneously because Jakarta was the trade center area during colonization. It was a port of call for the merchants from all over the world, also a temporary station for the spices from Maluku before they were carried to Europe, and that is all the consideration about. It was a rainy day where a quick decision needed to be taken and Jakarta was the best candidate at that moment.


Now, after sixty-eight years, by taking a look to this capital city, a bit longer and closer than usual, isn’t it become clearer that Jakarta is a failed option, and Indonesia still has other city to choose rather than Jakarta?

Let us think about it. Indonesia as a big archipelago country can’t have a capital city which is also a place to live by 10 billion people, located too far to the west part which is beyond the reach of someMasalahJakarta Indonesian people, susceptible to floods, suffered from very bad traffic jam, overpopulation, pollutions, criminality and corruption, like Jakarta. I think there are just too much here in Jakarta, the whole central government and every big companies and industries, with proletar and the masses fill every gaps and spaces. This dying city is no longer a place to be the capital of Indonesia, it should be moved.

Well, we need a kind of capital city which is at least not a center of everything. Let see some precedents: Netherlands has Amsterdam as the capital city but The Hague is where the seat of government and embassies are; The City of Manila is the capital city of Philippines, but Metro Manila is the seat of government; and in Benin, Porto-Novo is the capital city, but Contonou is the seat of government.pindah-rumah-272x300

In my opinion, it will be better if we follow their track. Therefore, let us make no change to Jakarta but let it be a city of economy and business, while we look for a new one as the capital city of Indonesia where all the central government will be located.


Movie Review: “We Bought a Zoo”

We Bought a Zoo is an inspiring based-on-a-true-story movie directed by Cameron Crowe. It is about a broken man named Benjamin Mee, starred by Matt Damon, who just lost his wife, left with a little daughter and a son, then decided to change his life. Do not try to guess how the story will goes nor judge this is a bored movie, because it is not like those run-of-the-mill stories with the same flow. What makes it great is Mr. Mee’s idea of chuck everything all and buy a zoo, try to deal with something extremely new and different just to forget the feeling of losing.

The movie was set on February 2010 when Mr. Mee and his children move from Los Angeles to their new home in a Southern California rural which is also a zoo that has been closed not so long ago. In real life, the area where the movie took place is not a real zoo, but a ranch that for film making reason is modified into fictional zoo, the Rosemoor Wildlife Park. The main part of the story is the long part abtumblr_mm4t1s4de81qmxasjo4_250out their new life after moving.

Mr. Mee, before these all happened, was an adventurous man that had been through many amazing journey. He never planned of this, nor thought about being a zoo owner. These all happened very suddenly. His wife’s death made it hard to stay in town because every single inch of it reminded him to her. Every time he overwhelmed played his role as single parent, it reminded him to her.

Dylan Mee, his fourteenth years old son was expelled from school because he stole money and drew a dark picture of lurid death as his art project. Both Dylan, who is starred by Colin Ford, and his father, were in their hardest time. The difference was just Mr. Mee wanted to move but Dylan wanted to stay.

Mr. Mee decided to look for new place, accompanied by his daughter Rossie. The criterion was a house with a large green btumblr_mxemcnkxg51su3e8xo2_250ackyard, which is hard to be found in city and finally come to the last option, the house in suburb with 18 hectares yard. They both fell in love with the house. But by knowing the place is actually a zoo, Mr. Mee almost lost his feeling. The only reason he took that decision was her fussy but adorable little girl, Rossie. She was looked very happy with that place. Besides, Rossie’s smile was the only thing that can heal him.

Mr. Mee was conscious of what then became his duty as the owner of the place. He had to fix it. Over all, it was a zoo. People loved zoo. That zoo could earn him money. So he made some plans, involved the role of five zoo keepers that have been there since years ago. They knew the place very well and knew etumblr_mm4t1s4de81qmxasjo1_250xactly what to do with it. They were head of zoo keeper Kelly Foster, starred by Scarlet Johansson, Robin Jones the gardener, Peter MacCready the visionary, Lily Miska, and Rhonda Blair who manage financial and the contacts. They had many works to do, animals’ name posts, enclosures expedience, animals’ health, and a lot more to make Walter Ferris, the unfriendly perfectionist inspector, willing to approve the zoo permission.

Although Dylan did not want to give his hand, they still could handle everything, but money is always the biggest problem. Yet, there is always a way. He found it out later but not too late that his wife, Katherina, left him a really big sum of money. His brother, Duncan Mee, gave support too.tumblr_mmhgu2EMM81rixv9zo1_500

Everyone was happy and sure that everything was going to be okay, the zoo would survive. Even Dylan himself, his drawing changed more bright, Dark Age was over. After some words fighting against his dad, the relationship turned better. It became more clearly when the two of them sitting together in front of Spar the tiger and talk about love, it was hilarious but sweet. All they need was just talking to each other a bit more often.

Inspection went well, some bad incident happened but it was handled before Walter Ferris know. He had several reasons not to approve the opening, but he was in good mood, so he decided to approve it. On July 7th, 2010, people in big crowd came to the zoo opening. Everyone’s dreams became true. The end of the film is Benjamin Mee and Kelly Foster admitted to each other that they were in love.


Visualization of this film supports the story in a good way. The picture quality is good. Color and bright setting is also good. The great visualization can be seen more clearly in my favorite scene in the 00:17:20. The car rode up the green yard, the wood fence in the right and left are like saying welcome greetings, sunbeams come through the tip of tree leaves. After the sunbeams is another proof of a very good angles choosing that pictured the walking Rossie from the back, makes that little girl looks taller and elegant, like a charismatic woman.

The beautiful soundtracks that mostly folk music is played in every cute moments, makes everything more real and come alive. Jonsi’s “Gathering Stories” that played so often is memorable, brings back the sensation of watching this movie every time I hear that song again in any occasion.

Another unforgettable scene from this movie is the opening narration by Dylan which is starred by Colin Ford. The narration actually told everything, Dylan tried to make everyone sure about this: even a great adventurous man, like his dad, might not have any idea how to take care of the children in a way that a mother will does, because those two are totally different.

This is the perfect movie I recommended to you to watch together with your family or friends. It has the power to emotionally bring love and hope in entertain and enjoyable way.

Why Don’t We Eat Bugs?

Bugs are insects, usually the little one, that threatened differently in any parts of the world. In some place like Thailand, Mexico, China, Brazil, Australia, and Japan, over 1.000 kinds of bugs are known as daily food. Bugs are eaten by people in 80% of the world’s nations, and even the eating bugs behavior already named with a good brilliant name, Entomophagy. binary-viewer

Those huge facts still can’t make bugs to be famous as food, instead a “bugged” animals that have no fans. But, these are some reasons why I want to be a “fan” of bugs.

The first reason why we should eat bugs is that the food made by bugs are delicious and nutritious, which are good for our taste and good for health. The bugs have this number one reason to be a food that everyone will like.

tumblr_lyqggphl331qfrwv9o1_500Look at these bugs food menu that mentioned as most delicious food from insects: cheese with cheese fly larvae, dried mopane caterpillars with onions, boiled wasp, fried ants, water bugs in oil, grasshoppers with avocado, dragonflies in coconut milk, and bedbugs with chicken liver pate. Aren’t they sound like delicacies? There are also many recipes to make delicious foods from bugs in easy way, and how to get bugs is not too difficult. Just go to the forest or large field to catch them alive, or buy them in bugs stocks.

If the thought -that bugs are delicious- sounds weird and crazy, then how about this: bugs contain more protein than beef, than fish! Bugs are also low-fat, contained more minerals, vitamins, fibers, and mineral-iron. Since mineral-iron is now a big problem in this world, eating bugs which is not expensive, can be a solution for food and health matters!Ento-Efficiency

At last, what makes bugs better than any animals to eat, is the easiness to farm and its eco-friendly. Bugs farming does not need much space, only a little place or aquarium, even it can be done at home. It also does not required many foods and waters, just simple and easy feeding which also leads to low green-gases produce. The fast harvest make it be potential to solve world’s food problem in developing country.

With all those great reasons, why do not we eat bugs?


          Aku termenung di tengah luasnya lapangan rumput, memandang bangunan tua di depanku. Bangunan ini terlihat usang, namun tetap anggun dengan gaya Eropa kuno. Samar-samar kulihat tiga jelmaan tongkat peniup gelembung sabun dalam ukuran raksasa jauh di sebelah timur bangunan. Kualihkan pandanganku pada pohon besar yang bergerak dengan dahsyatnya oleh semilir angin senja. Tidak! Bukan oleh semilir angin senja, tapi oleh seekor burung hantu. Tampaknya pohon itu tengah bermain dengan burung hantu yang singgah sebentar demi melepas lelah setelah terbang seharian itu. Semua ini rasanya tidak asing bagiku.


          Jeritan bagai lengkingan kuda mengamuk di belakangku membuatku tersentak. Kuputuskan untuk menoleh, dan aku yakin mengenal orang yang menjerit tadi. Dia Ronald Weasley, dan dua orang yang mengapitnya, Harry Potter dan Hermione Granger. Mendadak aku ingat semuanya. Bangunan tua itu tak lain adalah Hogwarts, sekolah sihir ternama di dunia. Tiga tiang itu bukan jelamaan tongkat peniup gelembung sabun, melainkan gawang Quidditch. Pohon besar itu pasti Dedalu Perkasa. Dan, burung hantu tadi bukan sedang bermain dengan pohon Dedalu Perkasa, bukan “bermain” tapi “dimangsa”. Burung hantu itu Errol, burung hantu Ron. Oh, pantas saja Ron menjerit begitu merdunya. Tidak dapat dipercaya! Hermione memanggilku dan mengajakku bergabung dengannya menuju Hogwarts. Bahkan mereka tak memanggilku “Muggle” saja aku sudah sangat heran. Kuhilangkan semua keherananku dan aku mengikuti langkah kaki trio Gryffindor yang sudah makin dekat dengan pintu kastil yang terbuka lebar itu.

          Bangunan ini lebih megah, lebih luas, dan tentu saja lebih ajaib dari yang kukira. Tiba-tiba saja aku merasa sangat butuh “Peta Perampok” agar tidak tersesat dan tidak ditelan kastil tua ini, mengingat luasnya yang tiada terkira. Tidak heran, pendiri bangunan ini, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, dan Salazar Slytherin adalah penyihir terhebat di masanya. Ingatanku melayang sampai ke sejarah Hogwarts, seakan Madam Bathilda Baghsot, sang pengarang buku-buku Sejarah Sihir itu berada di sampingku dan menguraikan seluruh isi buku-bukunya.

          Setelah melewati beberapa tangga yang bergerak berhubungan satu sama lain, kami menaiki tangga spiral yang membawa kami dalam menara ini, menara Gryffindor.

          Begitu banyak anak-anak, baik yang seusiaku, yang lebih muda dan yang lebih tua dariku. Mereka, bukan! Kami semua berpakaian aneh. Bahkan aku baru menyadari bahwa aku mengenakan semacam jubah hitam panjang dengan topi kerucut menggantung di jubah belakangku. Lambang Gryffindor melekat di jubahku. Aku semakin heran saat mengetahui bahwa aku sekamar dengan Hermione. Dan kami rupanya cukup akrab.

          “Oh, Flaurnd. Saudara kembarmu pasti sangat sedih karena kehilangan Errolnya. Hogwarts pasti lupa memberi makan Dedalu Perkasa.” Desah Hermione, turut bersedih atas kejadian yang menimpa Ron ini. Aku terkesima, Ron saudara kembarku? Baguslah Hermione memanggilku Flaurnd. Itu memang nama samaranku.

          “Hermione, apa dalam buku-buku yang pernah kau baca tidak tercantum bahwa Hogwarts tidak memberi makan Dedalu Perkasa?” Kataku, meralat pernyataan Hermione sebelumnya.

          “Mungkin aku melewatkan bagian itu. Pohon itu tampaknya terganggu penglihatannya sehingga tak bisa membedakan mana mangsa, mana sahabat.” Hermione mengeluarkan argumen barunya.

          “Yeah, seharusnya ia sadar bahwa Errol sedang tersesat karena kecerobohannya, lalu menawarkan Errol sedikit hidangan. Astaga! Dia mungkin bahkan tidak punya mata. Aku tidak ingat pernah melihat mata Dedalu Perkasa.” Komentarku yang rupanya cukup pedas, sehingga Hermione memelototiku.

          “Oh, tidak! Jangan memandangiku seperti itu! Baiklah, kuberitahu, Errol adalah burung hantu yang sangat ceroboh dan mungkin tiap helai bulunya mengundang malapetaka baginya. Menurutku, kematian dapat menyudahi segala penderitaannya. Sudahlah, Dad pasti akan membelikan burung hantu baru untuknya.” Aku berusaha meyakinkan Hermione.

          “Mungkin kau benar.” Kata Hermione pasrah.

          “Sekarang cepat bersiap, pesta penyeleksian asrama akan segera dilakukan. Tentunya kau tak ingin melewatkan kesempatan ini.” Hermione mengangguk, menyetujui usulku.

          Setelah siap, kami segera menuju Aula Besar. Ron dan Harry sudah duduk manis disana, dan mereka menyiapkan tempat untuk kami. Sementara itu, Profesor McGonagall bersama Topi Seleksi memasuki Aula Besar.

          “Flaurnd, Ginny, Fred, George, apakah kalian yakin Dad akan membelikanku burung hantu pengganti Errol?” Tanya Ron, suaranya terdengar gelisah dan putus asa.tumblr_mzuc8agHy71qboijko1_500

          “Mustahil! Berharap saja Percy, Bill, atau Charlie, akan berbaik hati meminjamkan burung hantunya kepadamu.” Ucap Fred dan George hampir bersamaan.

          “Yah, inilah takdir, Ron! Seperti kata-katamu, jika kau memiliki 7 saudara dan keadaan keluargamu bisa dibilang cukup terpuruk, kau tak akan memiliki barang baru!” Ginny memberi pendapatnya, sambil meniru gaya bicara Ron. Fred dan George tertawa bersama dan mengerling Kau-Hebat ke arah Ginny.

          “Mengapa tidak? Dad pasti mengerti kau butuh peliharaan seperti burung hantu, dan menurutku Errol tidak layak disebut burung hantu. Anggap saja selama ini kau tak pernah punya burung hantu. Kau boleh pakai burung hantuku, Wedlucky, kapanpun kau mau.” Pendapatku merubah raut muka Ron. Kini, ia agak cerah. Aku senang dengan perubahan itu, menurutku, Fred, George, dan Ginny, terlalu berlebihan.

          “Dan aku kira, pendapat Flaurnd yang paling tepat. Mungkin karena kalian adalah saudara kembar. Bagaimana menurutmu, Harry?” Hermione menambahkan.

          “Kurasa pendapat Flaurnd ada benarnya.” Harry memihak padaku juga.

          “Hey Ron! Maukah kau kubelikan burung hantu baru? Setidaknya kau tidak perlu menyusahkan Ayahmu. Aku yakin, Arthur Weasley perlu menjual rumahnya untuk membelikanmu pengganti Errol.” Celetuk Draco Malfoy, disambut gelak tawa Crabe dan Goyle. Wajah Ron merah padam, begitupun Ginny, Fred, George, dan aku.

         “Terima kasih atas kebaikanmu, Malfoy. Tapi, sebaiknya, tabunganmu kau gunakan baik-baik. Kau lebih memerlukannya, mungkin untuk membeli kuali baru.” Kata-kata itu mengalir begitu saja dari mulutku. Kini keadaan berbalik. Malfoy menatapku tajam, lalu menyeringai penuh sindiran.

          “Oh, sudahlah! Kau seperti tak kenal siapa Malfoy! Tahun ini, murid baru di Hogwarts sebagian besar berasal dari Asia.” Hermione mengalihkan topik. Senyum jahil di wajah Fred dan George mengembang.

            “Wow!” Seru keduanya kompak.

            “Fred!” Panggil George.

            “George!” Panggil Fred.

            “Buat mereka tahu siapa kita sebenarnya!” George melanjutkan.

     “Hapuskan penasaran mereka, eksperimen 9.985 sebelum kita meninggalkan Hogwarts!” Tambah Fred.

            “Mari kita beraksi!” Keduanya kompak mengakhiri.

      Fred dan George berjalan menghampiri beberapa siswa baru bertampang Asia yang masuk asrama Gryffindor. Keduanya menghentikan langkah tepat di depan seorang siswa berkacamata bulat seperti Harry Potter, ia memakai jubah yang sangat besar. Fred mengedipkan mata kepada George, kemudian merogoh kantongnya.

         “Hai, kau siswa baru di Hogwarts? Dan, lihatlah! Wajahmu sangat mirip dengan calon adik ipar kami, Harry Potter, dengan kacamata itu.” Sapa Fred kepada siswa baru tersebut.

         “Ya. Namaku Euan Abercrombie. Aku sangat mengidolakan Harry Potter, kau tahu! Karena itulah aku rela mengenakan pakaian lusuh Ayahku ini, agar uangnya dapat dibelikan kacamata seperti milik Harry Potter.” Jelas Euan bangga.

          “Wah, kalau begitu kebetulan! Kau akan kami kenalkan dengan Harry, janji! Asalkan kau tidak menolak permen-petir kami. Dan, perlu kau tahu, permen ini dapat membuatmu memiliki tanda sambaran petir seperti Harry. Kau tertarik?” Tawar George sambil menyodorkan sekotak permen.

            “Oh, tentu saja aku ingin membeli semuanya. Namun, seperti yang kukatakan, aku tidak punya cukup banyak uang.” Ucap Euan, menunduk sedih.

            “Tidak usah khawatir.” Hibur Fred.

            “Oh, kita berasal dari latar belakang keluarga yang sama.” George mengambil alih.

            “Jangan merendah, George! Ayolah, ini gratis, kawan!” Potong Fred.

        “Baiklah, aku tidak mampu menolaknya. Permen ini terlalu menggoda.” Euan mengambil satu, kemudian tanpa ragu-ragu memasukkan permen itu ke mulutnya.

            “Lihatlah apa yang terjadi George!” Ajak Fred.

        Seketika itu juga, rambut Euan terbagi 4 bagian, dan tiap bagian membentuk sambaran petir. Begitupun jari-jarinya, tangannya, kakinya, dan di segala bagian tubuhnya, terdapat tanda sambaran petir.

        “Wow, kau punya banyak sekali tanda sambaran petir. Kau jauh terlihat seperti Harry, sekarang.” Fred tersenyum puas memandang kelinci percobaannya.

         “Rupanya kita salah meracik ramuannya. Lihatlah tangannya, rambut, dan kakinya.” Ujar George kepada Fred.

      “Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hentikan lelucon gila ini! Ini mengerikan!” Euan memekik keras.

         “Weasley!” Bentak Profesor Minerva McGonaggal.

      “Baiklah, professor. Kami akan menunggumu di ruanganmu.” Ucap George dan Fred bersamaan.

         “Baguslah kalau kalian mengerti! Aku tidak tahu lagi bagaimana cara mengatasi kenakalan kalian! Pergilah, dan tunggu aku disana!” Profesor McGonaggal berkata, dari nadanya, ia terlihat marah besar. Bagaimana tidak? Hari bersejarah ini dicemari oleh sang kembar I Weasley.

           Acara penyeleksian siswa baru berlanjut lagi. Kali ini tidak ada yang perlu dikhawatirkan, mungkin karena Fred dan George sudah diamankan. Beberapa lama kemudian, acara selesai. Dean Thomas, yang kini menjabat sebagai Prefek Gryffindor menggantikan Percy Weasley, memimpin barisan kelas satu menuju Ruang Rekreasi Gryffindor. Dean penerus yang baik, setidaknya lencana prefeknya tidak terlalu terlihat mengkilap, artinya ia tidak membersihkan lencana prefeknya setiap hari.

          “Flaurnd, saudara kembarmu sungguh gila!” Seru Hermione diantara bisingnya ruang Gryffindor.

        “Apa aku maksudmu? Baiklah, aku gila. Dan secepatnya aku akan segera menyusul kedua orangtua Neville di St. Mungo.” Jawab Ron, tersinggung. Ron memang sangat mudah tersinggung. Hermione terpaku, menyesal akan kata-katanya.

      “Aku yakin bukan kau maksud Hermione. Fred dan George juga saudara kembar kita, kuharap kau tidak berniat melupakan kenyataan itu. Dan kau tahu tadi apa yang mereka lakukan?” Aku menyanggah Ron, sekaligus menghibur Hermione.

       “Ya. Permen-petir, eksperimen 9.985 sebelum meninggalkan Hogwarts. Sudah kukatakan, mereka berdua gila.” Sahut Ron, tidak marah lagi.

            “Mereka lebih cocok berada di St. Mungo dibanding kau, Ron.” Ucap Hermione.

            “Ya, kau benar Hermione.” Ron membenarkan.

         “Aku mau ke kamar. Bye Ron, Bye Hermione. Selamat bersenang-senang!” Aku sangat letih dan ingin istirahat. Kunaiki tangga menuju kamarku, namun kemunculan Peeves yang tiba-tiba dan penuh kejutan benar-benar mengagetkanku. Aku terdorong ke belakang, dan aku merasa ringan sejenak. Kemudian, tubuhku membentur “sesuatu” seperti lantai, dan aku membuka mataku.

        Aku terbelalak. Tidak mempercayai penglihatanku. Kukucek mata demi memperjelas semuanya. Dan, semua tetap tampak sama. Ini kamarku, bukan Ruang Rekreasi Gryffindor. Rupanya semua hanya mimpi. Kualihkan pandanganku menuju jam dinding yang terpajang di kamarku, lalu berkata, “Celaka, aku terlambat!”.


Nomadic Ages are over!

Dear Everyone!

Dengan ter-published-nya tulisan pertama ini, secara resmi saya berhenti bernomaden dan ingin memulai kehidupan menetap disini.

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